Co-Founding MileIQ


Screencapture of MileIQ from April 2015.

Screencapture of MileIQ from April 2015.

MileIQ started as a design provocation: "Every day we create a data footprint. How might we capture that data and give it back to a user in a meaningful way?"

What we discovered is that there are millions of professionals who drive for work. Many of them log their expenses for reimbursement or tax purposes, but underlying need was a way to seamlessly track, store and organize all their trips. At $.56 cents per mile, it ends up being a considerable sum of money left on the table every year for blue and white collar professionals. Furthermore, the American self-directed workforce is currently 20MM people and expected to double in the next few years. 


MileIQ is now a venture-backed startup company with $11MM of top-tier investor support and a growing team of brilliant, committed people. It has been the top-grossing Finance App since launch, and continues to delight customers. As of April 2015, our ratings in the Apple App Store are: