NASCAR summary:

I am a technologist in love with the brain. After several years in Silicon Valley, I am working towards my PhD at the MIT Media Lab under Professor Ed Boyden. Our lab, The Synthetic Neurobiology Group, seeks to lead the world's mission to "solve the brain" by building the next generation of tools for neuroscience.

My mission is to realize the potential of neurotechnology in our lifetimes. To do so, we must accelerate the pace of scientific progress by engaging new talents at the forefront of discovery; commercial-scale engineering, human-centered design and growth-minded entrepreneurship.  Much as the invention of the transistor opened the world of digital computing, and the proliferation of the internet started the information age, our upcoming discoveries of biotechnology and neuroscience stand to create the next fundamental shift in the human experience. I believe this work will be a positive contribution to the world.

My background involves the world of design, engineering, science and entrepreneurship: 

Before enrolling at MIT, I was a Research Scientist in the Neuroscience Group at the Simons Center for Data Analysis in New York City. This was a subgroup of the Simons Foundation, a nonprofit founded by the philanthropic mathematician billionaire Jim Simons, founder of Renaissance Technologies (the first and best quant hedge fund).  SCDA's mission is to build computational tools+collaborations for neuroscience and genomics. Here I had the opportunity to work directly with Sebastian Seung, a leader in computational neuroscience. One of my projects is now public, as the SWITCH Paper was published in Cell in November 2015.

Before returning to science in 2014, I was the CTO and co-founder of Mobile Data Labs, a start-up focused on building the best next-generation apps for business. The company's first entry to market is MileIQ, a mobile service that automatically tracks and classifies every mile that the user drives. Since launching in 2013, MileIQ has been the top grossing app in the Apple App Store and is now a vibrant team backed by Silicon Valley's best investors. In November 2015, Mobile Data Labs was purchased by Microsoft and continues to thrive.

Prior to Mobile Data Labs, I was an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at IDEO, the global design firm which brought forth the Apple computer mouse and the first laptop. While at IDEO, I co-lead the team produced an award-winning app in a joint venture with Sesame Street. I was selected as an EIR by IDEO while  enrolled at Stanford in a PhD program focusing on AI and Computer Vision - I left the program early, earning an MS in Electrical Engineering.

I was also an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at StartX, the Stanford student startup accelerator, and a proud engineering alumni of Harvey Mudd College (BS) and Stanford University (MS). 

In addition to pursuing mastery in neurotechnology, I am a decent surfer, climber and backcountry snowboarder, a willing off-the-couch marathoner, an improving brazilian jiu-jitsu student, a passable dancer and a terrible standup comedian.

"Create more value than you can capture" - Tim O'Reilly