Building Tools for Exploring Connected Electronics



Bluetooth 4.0, also referred to as Low Power Bluetooth, represents a discrete shift in the communication abilities of embedded devices.

At the same time, newly opened aspects of the iOS SDK unlock new interactions and frontiers with "the internet of things"

Finally, real-time messaging SDKs like now.js create a new opportunities for crowd interaction.

This project was a collaboration with Jimmy Chion, Kyle Doerksen and Brad Simpson at IDEO, along with facilitation and support by Dan Bomze. The goal was to create a platform by which hardware+software prototypes could be rapidly developed.

By the end of this project, we had a working Arduino shield paired with a native iOS wrapper that would allow any person to build an app in javascript/HTM. Furthermore, using now.js, we were able to let multiple iOS devices interact with a BT-enabled object simultaneously.

Jimmy Chion did an excellent write-up here 

Full video can be viewed here